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Invisalign/Clear Braces

What is Invisalign/clear braces?

Invisalign has become a very popular choice of treatment for many people with moderate orthodontic issues.  Rather than attaching metal brackets to the teeth, Invisalign gradually straightens the teeth with a series of transparent, plastic trays.  This process has become popular for a few main reasons.

  • It is more comfortable – There is no comparison between the feeling of  the smooth plastic trays inside your mouth and the metal wire used for traditional braces.
  • It is practically unnoticeable – It is highly unlikely that most people will ever even know you are using Invisalign to straighten your teeth.
  • It encourages better oral hygiene – The semi-permanent nature of metal braces is a major obstacle to good hygiene.  Invisalign trays slide off quickly for brushing and flossing after every meal and before bedtime.
  • It has zero food restrictions – Invisalign is easily removable for mealtimes, and this means no food restrictions are required.
  • It is a quicker treatment process – It is likely that the Invisalign process will take you about half the time that traditional metal braces take.

The most severe cases of crooked teeth may still require traditional braces.  Once Dr. Johnson determines that Invisalign will work for you, the following treatment process can begin.

  • Dr. Kevin Johnson will work with you to create a treatment plan for your specific situation.  He will being by taking “bite impressions” of your teeth.  Invisalign will use these impressions to custom-mold a series of transparent, plastic aligners that will gradually straighten your teeth until you have a beautiful new smile.
  • Based on your bite impressions, your aligners will be created through a precision computer program and then shipped to our office here in Sandpoint.
  • You will begin wearing your aligners approximately twenty hours a day.  Each new tray will be worn for 2-3 weeks as they realign your teeth in small increments.  You will remove them only for meals and oral hygiene.
  • Each aligner tray will be slightly different from the previous one.  The total process typically takes from 9-15 months.  You will likely wear anywhere from 18-30 different aligner trays.  Of course, those numbers will vary from one patient to another.